Tire Chains Prohibited? Not True!

October 3, 2015

As with Bigfoot we’re not entirely sure where the myths and rumors originated, nor what keeps them going, but for some reason there are persistent misconceptions and myths that tire chain use is illegal in certain states.  In all of the research we have done and to the best of our current understanding the usage of tire chains is not prohibited in any state!  (We’re not sure about sasquatches though).

To re-examine this issue we recently combed through tire chain, tire and studded tire information on a state-by-state basis.  The pertinent data is summarized with key findings here.   This comprehensive state-by-state summary contains codes, laws and additional resource links including D.O.T. information.

Tire chain regulations and codes vary by state with many of the Western states such as Washington, Oregon, Colorado and California having the most specific guidelines.  Many states in the Midwest, East and South have general guidelines stating chains may be used on vehicles when required for safety because of snow and ice. Just click on the link above for specific information.

Hopefully this clears up some confusion and inaccurate information and beliefs about tire chain usage.  It is OK to use tire chains for driving in snow and ice conditions in every state.  It’s also important to know that tire chains have come a long way over the years and Laclede features a line of industry leading passenger car, light truck and SUV tire chains in our Alpine series.  These chains can be quickly installed and removed without moving your vehicle.  More on that next time!