Laclede’s Alpine Series – A Winning Formula For Premium Tire Chains

October 23, 2015

From standard ladder pattern chains to cables to hoop style and a host of others, snow chains come in a surprising variety of flavors.  The features, benefits, advantages and trade offs with each type can vary widely.  Our concept with the Alpine series tire chains was to combine a plethora of key ingredients into one very capable and easy to use tire chain.

Let’s start with what for many is the most challenging and even dreaded aspect of tire chain use – the installation.  Our Alpine chains are designed in such a way for all of the connections to be made in front of the tire and without moving or lifting the vehicle.   In addition, once the chain is installed there is no need for a separate tightening adjuster or bungee because Alpines feature a built-in draw chain style tightener.  Check out this installation video.  Removal of the chain after use is very quick and easy too.  With a few rounds of practice installation the Alpines can be installed in just a couple minutes!

What about traction and durability?  There are several key advantages with the type and configuration of the Alpine’s cross chain construction.  The individual cross links are a straight, square link design instead of the more traditional round twist link or cable type.  The square edge of the link provides more bite for enhanced traction and at the same time the wear on the cross link is more evenly distributed across the surface.

The cross chains are in a diamond pattern configuration across the tire tread face resulting in more chain in contact with the road for more consistent traction, better cornering and stopping and starting.  The diamond pattern configuration also produces a significantly smoother and quieter ride without the thump, thump, thump that comes with ladder pattern style chains.

The Alpine series is composed of three lines:  Alpine Premier for passenger cars, Alpine Sport for Light Truck and SUV and Alpine Super Sport for Light Truck, SUV and Commercial Truck.  Both the Premier and Sport versions meet SAE Class S wheel well requirements, while the Super Sport does not due to the heavier cross chain and components.  Be sure to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for information on tire chain use and always pre-fit your chains to check for proper fitment.

In summary, the Alpine Series tire chains take a lot of fuss and frustration out of the tire chain installation process – no more rolling around in the snow!  Alpines are designed to make proper fitment and tightening easy.  The square link diamond pattern design offers a traction advantage compared to most other chains along with a smoother and quieter ride.  Alpine’s are a proven winner for safe winter driving!