Riveted Tow and Binder Chains

Laclede Chain is proud to bring you a safe, convenient, and cost-effective cargo control solution with our riveted tow chain. We understand that many of the customers you serve would like the security of a welded tow chain, but at the lower price point of a mechanical tow chain.  Laclede now has a solution that is this perfect mix: our riveted clevis tow chain.

We’ve made the investment in our process to be able to rivet our superior domestic chain and clevis hooks right here in house at Laclede Chain. Never worry again about catching a glove or hand on a cotter pin anymore, or fear your hooks getting stolen. It’s true that your shop will not be able to easily assemble the mechanical chains like you have in the past, which is why we are flexible with additional lengths and offerings to make sure you can deliver what your customers need.

Why Is Riveted Tow Chain Preferred?

  • • Cost-effective solution
  • • More compact than weld link chain
  • • More theft deterrence than a traditional cotter pin-retained clevis assembly
  • • No cotter pins (typically the weakest component in these assemblies)

Our Riveted Tow Chain Specifications

We offer five different standard specifications of our riveted tow chain to suit a variety of trucking applications. We will create custom sizes as your application requires it. We currently offer Grade 70 with Grade 100 and Grade 120 coming soon. 

*Never Exceed Working Load Limit

*Not for Overhead Lifting

You can trust your team at Laclede Chain to continue improving our process so we can solve the challenges facing customers like you. 

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