Galv360®: Long-Lasting Chain Finishing

Ever since steel has become widely used, people have been inventing ways to prevent corrosion and abrasion in order to make it last longer. In fact, corrosion costs the U.S. economy an estimated $300 billion per year (about 3% of GDP). 

That’s why Laclede Chain offers several finishes for your steel chain to combat the effects of corrosion and abrasion, including Galv360, a state-of-the-art chain finish that is quickly becoming the industry standard for many applications, including military, marine, and power generation.

With Galv360®, Laclede Chain brings you the most environmentally-friendly, safest, and longest lasting steel protection available today. Let us treat your chain and fittings with Galv360® so you can experience results like you’ve never seen before.

Ultimate Performance

Galv360® is more than a coating. By diffusing zinc atoms into the steel, it creates a surface that is…

  • • Highly corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • • Hard, non-magnetic, weldable, and spark free
  • • Highly heat resistant to 1200°F continuous service for non-heat treated products**
  • • An excellent base for paint, powder coating, and rubber bonding
  • • Not subject to strain aging (a common drawback of HDG)
  • • Extremely precise thickness, so you can design your end product to fit with precision


Precision Thickness

Galv360 outperforms traditional hot dip galvanizing with a layer that’s over 4 times thinner so you can design your end product to fit with precision. Our engineering team ran samples to compare the thickness of the two coatings:


Average Thickness (mm)
Hot Dip Galvanizing    0.134

Salt Spray Testing of Hot-Dip Galvanized Per IAW ASTM B117

Salt Spray Testing of Galv360® Per IAW ASTM B117

Sustainability & Safety

Go green with Galv360®, which does not produce harmful environmental or health & safety effects like older galvanizing processes. Galv360

  • • Is completely heavy metal free and non-toxic (RoHS and REACH compliant)
  • • Earned the EPA’s MVP2 award (Most Valuable Pollution Prevention technology)
  • • Is user-friendly and controllable
  • • Less dangerous to apply than alternatives (HDG and Sherardizing)
  • • Provides a viable replacement for harmful corrosion prevention treatments that are no longer available (Cadmium, Hexavalent Chrome, etc.)
  • • Uses less than half the energy per Kg of product coated as compared to HDG



  • • U.S. Navy has equipped its hovercraft fleet with grade 120, Galv360® coated chain
  • • U.S. Navy has retrofitted landing craft with Galv360® coated anchor chains and bow chains


  • • Harsh marine environments accelerate corrosion and abrasion, making Galv360® the ideal solution

Power Generation

  • • Major power utilities in the U.S. specify Galv360® as a replacement to HDG and stainless steel, signaling an industry-wide transition

Any application requiring exceptional protection from the elements or heavy use

  • Playground equipment
  • • Laclede Chain can finish any length of chain up to 100 ft and any fittings with Galv360®

The Science Behind Galv360Ⓡ

The Galv360® process based on a proprietary alloy of zinc, which turns to gas at a relatively low temperature, causing the zinc to react with the steel at the molecular level. Instead of simply coating it, Galv360® alters the physical properties of the steel to create layers of intermetallic zinc/iron alloy, forming…

  • • A strong chemical bond between the zinc and the steel
  • • A uniform and controlled alloy layer that coats internal surfaces of the part just like it does the external surface
    • • With HDG, nuts are cut after galvanizing, leaving the inside thread unprotected
  • • Higher hardness and abrasion resistance than HDG, while preserving richer iron content that provides superior corrosion resistance


Laclede Chain is proud to bring you the most advanced chain solutions on the market today. Our team is committed to staying ahead of the curve to help you solve your challenges, no matter what your application.

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** Tempered product (Grade 70 and above) has reduced strength at temperatures > 400°F.  See the NACM chart on page 8 for specific details.