Custom Engineering for Chain and Fittings

While our standard product line features the best quality, strongest domestic chain and fittings on the market, we know that certain applications require custom solutions. If you are creating a new iteration on a previous design or creating an entirely new product, our team of engineers and chain experts has the experience and knowledge to make it happen for you.

Design Assistance

Using over 200 years of combined industrial experience in chain and the latest 3D printing and CAD technology, we help you solve difficult design challenges so your business can continue to grow. 

Talk to one of our experts if you…

  • • Have been told by another chain manufacturer that they can’t produce your design
  • • Are struggling to find the right configuration of fittings and chain to meet your needs
  • • Have an idea you want to test to see if it can work in production


With 3D printing, our engineering team can produce plastic prototypes that demonstrate how your chain and fittings will look and fit in the field (we are still working on printing metal with the strength that forged and formed steel provide). By doing this, we often shave several weeks off the design process and ensure that it is right the first time. This then gives you confidence that when we put your product into production, you’ll reap the benefits of your investment with a product that works.

Research & Development Support

Our engineering team enjoys collaborating with engineers at our OEM and Tier 1 supplier customers to bring new products to life. Bolster the success of your research & development efforts when you combine your expertise in your sector with ours in chain application.

What can Laclede Chain make possible for you?
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