Congratulations Maryville Football!

December 4, 2015

Laclede Chain would like to extend its congratulations to the Maryville High School football team for winning the State Championship in St. Louis, Missouri at the Edward Jones Dome on November 30, 2013. The Maryville Spoofshounds beat the Seneca Indians by a score of 50-28. This is the second year in a row the team has won the Missouri State Class 3 Football Championship title.

Maryville, Missouri is home to one of Laclede Chain’s manufacturing plants and many of our employees are involved with the high school and the community. Tim Catlett, Director of Materials in Maryville, and Mike Dredge, Assembly Department in Maryville, both have sons who are seniors on the Varsity Football team. Logan Catlett (#56) and Trent Dredge (#15) helped their team throughout the season to achieve an undefeated record of 15-0. Tim mentioned that after losing 22 senior players from last year’s State Championship winning team the season started a little shaky, but coaching skills and adapting to the new team’s strengths shaped this team and helped take them to the title game again. This 15-0 winning record combined with last year’s wins makes the team 30-0 for the past two seasons!

It seems that winning, not only as a team but as a school, is something Maryville High School should be recognized for. Not only did the Varsity Football team have an undefeated record, but so did their JV and Freshman teams. One of our Assistants in Maryville, Kristin Stuart has a son, Kory, who plays on Maryville High School’s Freshman team, and helped them achieve a 9-0 winning season. The football cheerleaders have made great accomplishments as well this season. Our Project Manager in Maryville, Kenny Driskell has a daughter, Madison, who is a senior Varsity Cheerleader at Maryville and helped her team place 6th at the Missouri State Cheerleading Competition!

A big congratulations to these students and all students at Maryville High School for their accomplishments this fall. Laclede Chain is proud of its community and its achievements! Below is a list of the Maryville School District’s season records.

Maryville Middle School 7th grade 6-0

Maryville Middle School 8th grade 6-0

Maryville High School Freshman 9-0

Maryville High School Junior Varsity 9-0

Maryville High School Varsity 15-0 State Champions