Sling Class Schedule for 2019

  • April 22nd in Maryville, MO
  • Sept 23rd in Maryville, MO

Contact your Laclede representative for more information and to confirm attendance.

Space is limited.

The class will cover a discussion of:

The manufacturing process of alloy chain, G80, G100, and G120

  • Quality Assurance Process
  • Sling Types and Descriptions
  • Regulations/Specifications Reference Documents
  • Alloy Sling Chain Assembly
  • Rigging Applications and Proper Chain Sling Use
  • Chain Sling Inspection
  • Sling Angles
  • Attachments and Fittings

In addition, there will be a factory tour to see how chain is manufactured.  Attendees will also be taking an open book test to cover our discussions as well as performing a hands-on sling inspection.  A complete informational binder will also be given to each attendee containing the covered areas from the class for their future reference.

Unable to attend the class? Click Here to watch our plant tour video for a brief explanation of the chain making process.