Priority Support for Essential Services OEMs

OEMs are a vital link in the supply chain for essential businesses. As a fellow critical manufacturer, Laclede Chain is committed to staying open to support OEMs through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Challenges We Help With

  • • Delayed shipments for imports—our chain is made in the U.S.A.
  • • Raw material supply chain disruption—we maintain relationships with leading steel makers and are well-positioned for uninterrupted production

Removing Manufacturing Roadblocks for OEMs

We are prioritizing all CISA-designated critical infrastructure OEMs at this time. Our raw material sourcing capabilities remain strong and we are able to respond quickly to high demands. If sourcing chain has become an obstacle to your manufacturing process, we can help you bridge the gap to keep your production going.

Agriculture Equipment OEMs

We currently work with many of the top names in AG equipment manufacturing to supply agricultural chain and deflector chain for tractors and harvesting equipment so farmers and ranchers can keep our nation fed.

Heavy Truck OEMs

The truckers you support are the backbone of our supply chain. We know that keeping them safe is your priority. If you’re facing challenges in sourcing traction and cargo control chain, we can fill your needs.

Construction Equipment OEMs

You’re making it possible for people to continue building hospitals, temporary testing facilities, and municipal infrastructure projects. Overhead lifting chain and chain slings enable building projects to take place while keeping workers safe during construction. 

Public Works Support

Although there isn’t as much traffic on the road right now, businesses like wreckers and snow plows make use of our chain and products to continue to operate and keep our roads safe.  

Critical Manufacturing Support

All of the critical supplies that our healthcare system and food distribution networks rely on are made in factories. You can find chain products everywhere in modern manufacturing facilities. From the assembly line conveyance, to hoists and cranes, to safety, chain makes it possible for factories to produce vital products.

Our Military and Other Government Operations

We supply chain and products for many government and military applications. This is especially critical in this time when the military is providing vital support to our nation in its time of need.  We are able to fulfill all necessary requirements to meet your needs.


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