Rules for Using Tire Chains:

IMPORTANT: Prefit Chains Prior to Actual Use!


For Your Convenience & Safety:

  • Consult owner’s manual to see if chains can be used on your vehicle.
  • Make certain your tire chains are properly sized for your tires. A proper fit is key to performance.
  • Follow directions for installing tire chains. Apply as tightly as possible by hand for maximum chain life.
  • Be sure to pull off highway to safe place before installing, servicing or removing tire chains.
  • Do not deflate tires to install tire chains.
  • Drive approximately 1/4 mile. Stop & retighten. Extra links may be cut off or preferably retained on the fastener arm. Keep chains tight to snug throughout the operation. Only after retightening may rubber adjusters be applied.
  • Do not exceed 30 m.p.h. Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Avoid spinning or locking of wheels.
  • If a cross chain should fail, stop immediately. Repair or remove. Do Not drive with a broken chain.
  • Avoid hitting curbs with tire chains.
  • Tire chains are not designed for towing vehicles.