Why “Made in the USA” Matters for Rigging and Marine Chain Supply

August 24, 2023

When it comes to manufacturing, there’s a particular pride and assurance that comes with the label “Made in the USA.” It carries a certain prestige, symbolizing quality, reliability, and a commitment to bolstering our homegrown industries.

Laclede Chain, a proud U.S. manufacturer, is not only producing chains; we’re crafting solutions tailored to your needs. We understand that quick decision-making and efficiency are integral to your operation in the rigging and marine industry. You often face the challenges of immediate customer needs, supply chain costs, staffing shortages, and price volatility due to global economic factors. 

As a domestic supplier, we offer unique advantages that can transform your operations. Here’s why choosing “Made in the USA” for your rigging and marine chain needs is a strategic move.


Chain with clear origins guarantees authenticity, reliability, and safety. It also offers accountability—the chain can be traced back to its source if there’s an issue. With a domestic supplier, you can have more direct oversight over chain products since you can easily verify the sourcing and conversion processes used by the suppliers. 

Imported chain often does not have the manufacturer’s mark. Usually, just a “G” followed by the grade. How do you know where the chain came from with that ambiguity? Without this clarity, ensuring consistent quality becomes a challenge.

Laclede’s welded chain is labeled with an “L” and the corresponding grade on every 6th link.  

This clear, consistent marking offers transparency in manufacturing and guards against inferior replicas. And it assures the quality and reliability of every product you buy from us. 


Product Availability and Shorter Lead Times

When your customers are in a rush, you need solutions fast. Domestic manufacturers like us have shorter lead times compared to overseas suppliers. We’re closer to you, which means less transportation time and quicker access to products. You can get faster quotes for the chains your customers need, reducing downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly.


Reliable Supply Chain

Global economic factors can cause price volatility. International tariffs, global shipping costs, and foreign currency fluctuations are major contributors to inflation and price increases. This often makes it challenging to maintain decent margins and predict future costs.

A domestic supplier offers a more stable pricing structure since they are less affected by international trade disruptions, allowing for more accurate budgeting and better profit margins. 


Superior Quality and Higher Margins

In the rigging and marine industry, quality isn’t just a requirement—it’s the key to profitability. 

Choosing “Made in USA” products ensures adherence to stringent US standards, delivering products you can trust that gives you peace of mind and leaves your customers satisfied.

Laclede Chain, a proud U.S. manufacturer, doesn’t just meet these standards—we aim to exceed them. Our Hi-Viz chains are a prime example. Perfect for overhead lifting, tie-down, and towing, these chains offer consistent quality and color, batch after batch. This commitment to quality leads to fewer replacements, less downtime, and higher margins for you.


Supporting American Jobs

Choosing a domestic supplier also means supporting American jobs. Every chain we manufacture contributes to job creation and economic growth in the U.S., creating a stronger domestic business environment for all.


More than Just a Label

“Made in the USA” is more than just a label; it’s a promise of availability, reliability, and quality. Switching to a domestic supplier for rigging and marine chain can significantly enhance your business operations efficiency and profitability.


Your Link to Superior Rigging and Marine Chain Supply

If you’re seeking the best value for your rigging and marine chain, look no further than a domestic supplier. Laclede Chain, a leading U.S. manufacturer, offers the shortest lead times, the most reliable supply chain, and the best quality control in the industry. Plus, we’re doing our part to support American jobs.

Connect with a Laclede Chain representative today to discuss your rigging and marine needs. We’re here to provide solutions that make a difference.