Product Highlight: Sling Inspections

October 5, 2021

Chain Slings repeatedly lift very large, heavy loads on a regular basis. Their flexible design provides strength and durability so they can withstand the daily ins and outs of construction sites and manufacturing floors.  No material is indestructible. Equipment failure could mean expensive losses and potential injury or worse. Maintaining your sling is critical.

Maintenance begins with a Sling Inspection. Sling inspections are based on the volume of use, service conditions and the type of lifts being made. This not only helps present catastrophic breakdowns but is required by OSHA.

Before the inspection can even begin, each chain sling must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any oil, dirt or debris that might hide damage. Once this is complete, inspectors check to ensure the serial number, size, grade and load limits match the original certification upon its original manufacturing date. This information is vital to check current measurements and values to determine if the sling has been overloaded.

Sling inspections cover a link-by-link check for a variety of problematic issues, including but not limited to excessive wear, gouges, corrosion and/or stretched links. The inspection includes a thorough examination of all the fittings (master link, sling hook, coupling link, etc.) for wear or damage.

When chain slings fail, the cost far exceeds a simple dollar amount. That’s why it’s important to replace problematic slings, and use only the highest quality products available, like Laclede Chain’s alloy chain and fittings.  All of our alloy chain is made in Maryville, MO.

Are you maintaining your Chain Slings? Contact Laclede Chain today  and we will pair you with a local partner that can inspect or upgrade your chain slings.