Powder Coating Capabilites

December 2, 2019

Advantages of Powder Coated Chain

Our team has invested nearly a decade of research and testing (and over a million dollars) building our powder coating line. Powder coating is an ideal method for finishing your chain as it can withstand the elements and wear and tear. It can be applied in almost any color you may require, including matching company trademark colors.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder-coated chain exhibits increased durability and performance when compared to other polymer coatings. This is because when the chain is cured, the powder coat becomes chemically bonded to the chain surface, making the protective effects last longer. 

  • Superior corrosion resistance compared to self-colored, painted, or Thermadep chain
  • Powder coat in any color can be applied over hot-dip galvanized, EG, or Galv360Ⓡ-treated chain, giving you the more advanced corrosive protection you may require and the look you want.
  • Ideal for overhead lifting and many outdoor applications


Safety You Can See

Laclede Chain is the only supplier bringing you superior visibility that lasts. We’re proud to offer the strongest and safest domestically manufactured overhead lifting chain: Hi-Viz. 

Our Hi-Viz chain and fittings are powder coated in two colors:

  • Hi-Viz Green: Grade 120 chain and fittings
  • Hi-Viz Yellow: Grade 100 chain and fittings

These colors have been specifically tested in sunlight and do not fade like typical bright neon colors.  They are designed to last and remain highly visible. The benefits of using Hi-Viz powder-coated chain are threefold:

  1. Better visibility helps to avoid accidents. With Hi-Viz, overhead lifting chain no longer blends into the background, even in dimmer light. Employees can easily see the chain overhead.
  2. Easier to ensure the proper grade is being used. If you use different chain grades in your operation, team members may not know or understand the difference between your overhead lifting chain and other types you use on the job. Hi-Viz makes it easy for employees to select the proper chain, keeping everyone on the job site safer.
  3. Supervisors can easily verify safety. Not only does Hi-Viz chain make it easier for employees to choose the proper overhead lifting chain, it allows supervisors to verify the correct chain is being used by simply visually observing the operation.


Custom Colors

In addition to Hi-Viz green and yellow, we have the ability to powder coat chain in any color you may need. Many users choose a colored chain for increased visibility, color match other components in an assembly, or to highlight their (or their customer’s) particular brand. Powder coating is the best option for applying custom colors to chain for two main reasons:

  1. Powder coating is safer for people and the environment than liquid paint. Unlike liquid paint, powder coating produces no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). VOC’s release organic compounds into the air that can cause adverse health effects, according to the EPA. Powder coating is also non-flammable and produces less waste than liquid paint.
  2. Powder coating produces better results than liquid paint or other polymers. Powder coating adheres better to the chain’s surface during curing due to the thermal bonds it forms with the steel. It also lasts longer due to better resistance to chips and cracks. Finally, especially for outdoor applications, powder-coated chain retains its color better in conditions with moisture, sunlight, and heat.



Our powder-coated steel chain delivers you the increased performance and durability you need while keeping your workplace safe and making you stand out. At Laclede Chain, we want to help you succeed, grow your business, and provide a safe workplace. If we can answer any questions or help provide a quote, please call us at 800-325-2699 to get connected with one of our experts.