Alpha Trax LT

Stock # 735AT
  • Alpha Trax®
  • Weighs 50%-75% less than traditional link chain
  • Can be installed without moving the vehicle
  • Extremely durable – last up to 5x longer compared to Link or Cable
  • Meets SAE Class S Clearance Requirements
  • Exceeds Performance Standards (Onorm, ASTM and ISO)


  • Cross Members per 1/2 Pair: 12
  • Weight Per Pair (lbs): 6
  • Adjuster: Adjuster Included
  • Compatible Tire Sizes:
  • P255/70R15, 245/85R15LT, 255/75R15LT, 265/70R15LT, 30X9.50-15LT, 225/85R16LT, 235/75R16LT, 245/70R16LT, 245/75R16LT, 255/65R16LT, 255/70R16LT, 265/65R16, 285/60R16LT, 9.50-16.5LT, 10-16.5LT, 30X9.5-16.5, P235/70R17, P235/75R17, P245/65R17, P255/65R17, 215/80R17, 245/70R17LT, 255/60R17, 265/55R17, 265/60R17, 275/50R17, 225/75R17.5, 235/70R17.5, P295/45R18, 225/65R18, 225/70R18, 235/65R18, 245/60R18, 255/55R18, 265/55R18, 275/45R18, 285/45R18, 285/50R18, 225/60R19, 245/55R19, 255/50R19, 255/55R19, 275/50R19, 285/45R19, 225/55R20, 235/55R20, 245/50R20, 255/50R20, 265/45R20, 275/40R20, 295/40R20, 265/45R21, 265/45R22